Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Reinvent-tage Retreat Day 9

Today's Intention...I will open to divine guidance...

This heart was in the top of my Golden's Gel Medium yesterday morning when I opened it...I did nothing to create this...it capped my happiness as yesterday's intention (pun intended)...and offered today's intention...divine guidance...but of course...

There are many forms of guidance in our lives...well-meaning family and friends...a Sunday sermon...a self-help book or video...Oprah or Dr. Phil.... Some or all of it may be helpful, especially if it leads you to make the best choice for you.

But the most powerful guidance I receive is from an unseen source...my divine source...by being open to this source, I find a continual and unending supply of inspiration for creativity and much more...

BONUS...for halloween and halloween lovers... for directions on how to make the glasses shown at right...please click here... Matthew Mead's wonderful blog of style and many surprises...you need electrical tape and the downloadable face pattern from the site to transform and glass or goblet into a jolly all hallow's eve concoction...enjoy...ms. fancy...

See post here for your invitation to join the Reinvent-tage Retreat...and to see how the process works...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Rebecca, you are an amazing person. Confident, self reflective, open to change. I have been reading through your creative journey for the past half hour and feel completely inspired by your faith and zest for life.
It is not a coincidence that I found you this morning. I was lying awake at 6 am (which I NEVER do) asking a higher power to give me guidance today and let me put away the stupid petty stuff that is bothering me and let me be thankful for the rich life that I do have. I got up to play on my computer and for some reason clicked onto your blog and started reading. I think it's a little more than coincidence that brought me here : )
Thank you for being a spiritual inspiration to me today. You are making a difference!

Nunnie's Attic said...

God is always working behind the scenes. Don't you just love it when He shows up, unexpectantly and directs you down the right path??


Darla said...

Little messages from the Universe are such fun aren't they?

Love the Bonus by the way. I think I'll fill mine with mimosa's tho instead of carrot juice.


Unknown said...

I agree that messages are everywhere if you just take the time to look for them and allow them to fill you with possibility. This post is a good reminder of that.

I like the jack-o-lantern glasses/drink-- and the website that they came from. Good link. Thanks.

somepinkflowers said...

a heart
from **Golden's Gel Medium**

how cool is that!


that you saw it
for what it was!

that you were in the moment to receive a heart
found one!

KaiBlue said...

what a totally happening post there REbecca, I love to read and reread your posts,lol..
to much information the first time.. :)
I get a lot from them so thanks for sharing!!
PEace, Kai xx