Thursday, October 4, 2007

Reinvent-tage Day 4 - Part 2

Oh my goodness...what a day...distractions were coming from every potty treats...somebody needs to borrow a ladder...the ups man...more was difficult to stay mindful of painting these are not quite finished as yet...and i know that this time....YIPPEE...progress being made here...

left, i applied molding paste to canvas...after they dried, I washed them with ochre and burnt sienna

left, i stenciled an ornate design in white, i made it look faded by not stenciling well...i blocked in the pears next

Answer...the best pots were created by those whose goal was to create in quantity...not quality. Whoa...what does that say for learning??? The students who made the most pots, learned by doing. They had no pressure to make perfect pots, so they were freed from the need to be perfect and expectations. And the result was they got better and better the more pots they made, without actually 'trying' to get better.

DUH...light bulb moment...can we learn something here???...the more I practice my craft the better I become!! I have to be willing to make art when I am tired, or interrupted, or cranky, or unmotivated, and even uninspired. I learn from the doing, not the thinking about doing. I have to put myself in the studio and pick up something and start...that's all I have to do. Simple.

Just like a writer does not have to have the beginning of a book to start writing, and artist does not have to know the outcome to pick up a brush and paint. Both must just start...and the beginning will come...

the perfect pair


Nunnie's Attic said...

Those pears are beautiful! At first that comment didn't make sense to me. But then (after reading the whole thing, cause my mind wanders almost instantly) it made perfect sense. It's just like a new job. Nobody starts off knowing exactly what to do, but after a few weeks you're an old pro. I can't imagine how you would perfect your craft, but I'm excited to be witness to your journey!


KaiBlue said...

I adore pears, I did a rainbow one last week in my scribbles..
Your posts are very informative Rebecca, I always learn so much from them..
PEace and light, kai

paris parfait said...

Very wise words, my friend. And the pears look delicious (you're familiar with the "Bradford pear?"). Your creativity always rises above obstacles in your path. Great work! :) xo

flyinamber said...

Your pears are lovely,I like them..
At saturday I will make an excursion on the largest mountain in my country,Velebit..
Have a nice weekend,too..

kari and kijsa said...

oh.....we were wrong :( but great ending to the story! Thanks for the ending!

smiles, kari and kijsa

Lila Rostenberg said...

I definitely approve of your "perfect pear"! Keep up the good work...but don't forget to rest and treat yourself very well too!

Giggles said...

Very beautiful, I was thinking a perfect pair or pear before I saw the ending!

I've noticed a few artists really improve after doing a large volume of work. Must be that the old adage “practice makes perfect!”

Aquareelle said...

J'aime beauoup celui ci.

Merci d'ĂȘtre venue visiter mon blog, et pour ton gentil message.

Grosses bises