Saturday, June 9, 2007

Stand on My Own Two Feet

Those of you who know me, and hopefully my new friends, understand that I am deeply spiritual. My walk with God is as much a part of my being as is my art, thus two of my companies Sacred Art and Art as Prayer honor this part of me... So it should surprise none of you to hear that I talk to God often. And sometimes, if I am still and centered He speaks to me... Yesterday was such a day...

I was sitting on the beach asking/begging for guidance when I heard, "Rebecca I gave you two remarkably strong feet and you need to stand on them, both at the same time. You have been trying to balance on one or the other and, at times, stand on someone else's. Stand in your gift." He continued, "You need to trust in only trust yourself and, at times, not even that."

It was powerful... moving... absolutely true... I have been dealing with trust issues most of my life however in February, while on retreat, I came to know it was a block for me. I am being called into a deeper trust in God... and I am going kicking and screaming. First, I was shocked to realize that I didn't trust ANYONE, including God!! That took me by surprise. I was appalled... and determined to learn to trust God and myself.

I am doing better at stepping out with trust, this blog is part of trusting that I can put my work out there for you. A giant step for someone with trust issues... The one foot analogy made perfect sense to me. I have been standing on one foot, then another...then on my tippy toes, then relying on someone else's....but rarely do I stand on both of my feet at the same time. In those rare instances, I felt fully in my power... but I always reverted to the one foot method... and I know that it is not working for me or the others whose toes I tread on...

And that is where I am today...I have both feet on the ground...toes buried in sand the ocean washing over them....and I love the feeling...(could it have something to do with the sand/ocean?). I am implementing a life plan that includes supporting myself with my art again...

The blog, the Muses (faces), the new websites, the aMUSEments are all steps toward the goal. I took a giant step yesterday afternoon when I entered through the blue doors at right... Behind these doors will be my new studio before the end of the year...I am manifesting my destiny...

There are 7 artists who share the second floor. Each has their own studio space and they co-op sales duties, advertising, etc. I met two of the artists - Carol and Theresa. Both are beautiful women and talented artists. I will be one of them soon...standing squarely on my own two feet...

Today's aMUSEment - Photograph your two feet however you would like to see them. Send me a link and I will post them next Friday.
U Be Creative Today!

PS - I will post pictures of my island tomorow...I just bought a new digital camera today!!!


Anonymous said...

this is great news, your own 'blue door' studio. very exiting!! wishing you strenght to fullfil your dream, standing tall and proud.
p.s. love the picture of your
'sandy ocean' feet!!

Darla said...

Reading your post, I had a great image of you walking through that blue door. I had a strong feeling that wonderful opportunities await you.

We need to make our own opportunities from time to time, not wait for them to fall in our laps. Looks like thats what you are doing. Good for you!


Gerushia's New World said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I have spent the morning browsing through your inspiring blog. I've enjoyed every minute of it!!

You had mentioned in my comment section that you didn't know what an ACEO is.'s miniature art. Specifically, it must be 2.5" x 3.5". The same size as an average trading card. It can be any medium, but in order to qualify as an ACEO, it must fit the size requirement. People collect them. Some people frame them, others keep them in binders. They are extremely addictive. The miniature size can be challenging, but for me, that's what makes them fun. I do other size pieces as well.

I'll be back to check your blog again.

Garden Painter Art
Kim's Kandid Kamera

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I talk to God often too. I think that is what alot of art is about. It's a spiritual journey.
I SOOOO wish that I had a studio!
You are sooo lucky! You blue door is great as well! :) Thank you for sharing these with us. I commented back to you on my blog. :)

DJ said...

Hey there Rebecca! I loved your post... tried to write and thank you for commenting on my blog, but it bounced. Glad you had fun in Florida, and congratulations on all the good coming your way!

Goddess Leonie * said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful story of heart hands on my blog...

and bless you for your dreamings, creations and faith in your path.

with love, light and rainbows