Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dream Minder

Deirdre is the Dream Minding Muse. She will take your dreams into her heart, protect them carefully and make sure that you can reach them. No dream is too large or too small. You can tell her your secret desires and she will direct you toward reaching them.

This website is a wonderful gift to you. It is called Dream Minders. You can place a dream on file there and select a date, and you will be reminded of your dream on that date!!!

Each of us has come face to face with giving up on our dream at some point. You have read my detour into this place recently. But those who achieve their dream never give up when faced with obstacles or roadblocks. They trudge ahead day after day until they reach their destination.

Each of us can find within ourselves the tools to turn dreams into reality. I firmly believe if you can conceive it and you can believe it, you can achieve it. I am certain you have much more to accomplish in your life if you just dare to dream.

Today's aMUSEment - What is your dream? Have you ever really mapped out what your heart's desire is? Ask yourself what you would do if you knew you could not fail. First name the dream. Be very specific here. Write it down. This is important to see it in concrete form. Visualize yourself in the dream for several minutes. Really get into it, see the colors, small the smells, hear the sounds, etc. The clearer your vision, the more complete the exercise. Write it again. Add anything you may have overlooked. Then believe that you can achieve it. Say it out loud, I can ___________. Set a date that you want it completed. Write that down. Return to this often over the next few days until it is set in your heart and subconscious. Then wait for things to present themselves to help you achieve your dream.

U Be Creative Today!


Anonymous said...

well i would love to paint my dream to deirdre today. giving up dreams is actually not my kind. once settling a goal i'm pretty fixed on it, hard to stop at least in acheiving a part of it. my actual dream consist of leaving the netherlands (yes! it can be a dream to leave your home. i know it, did it before)and to settle down in the south of france. i have not yet fixed a date but wrote many details down already in a journal including the shape of my new home, the surroundings and daily projects. so i guess i'm half way there. in some near future i might invite deirdre to a mint tea at my covered terrasse underneath a blue azure sky, discussing my next dream by then...

Anonymous said...

Great post.
I'm cookin' up a new dream right now. I love helping others unleash their creative spirit like you.
I see teaching women in my future!
Have a wonderful day!

salty pebble said...

oh' sweetness and light that is what you are...thank you kindly for your comment...what a beautifully crafted blog you glad i came to visit its wonderful...i love the art and words...spiritually im in a better place just knowing your there sweet lady x x x

i will be back

x x x kazzy x x x

eb said...

oh this is so wonderful - I have been dreaming my dreams lately as well - I like you specific line of questioning - right now I am dreaming about travel to some place like Tunisia, Morocco, Southern France - I have been writing a fantasy correspondence - I would like to exchange mail art - I think that today I will climb the little mountain and think about your questions - and bring a journal

xox - eb.