Saturday, June 16, 2007

Life Lessons Continued

Muse Vietta is a teacher of life lessons. Even though I have been so very ill and trying to manage a move, the universe continues to teach me some valuable life lessons.

From a very meager creature
A butterfly becomes a teacher
Of love and beauty rarely told
When, at last, it's wings unfold.

Brilliant colors flutter by
When one travels to the sky
It truly is not quizable
It's just God's love made visible...
Rebecca E. Parons 1976

This is a story of love and beauty too rarely told...The first day of packing my studio, Gwen looked at me very wide-eyed and asked, "This house is worth over a quarter of a million dollars isn't it?" I immediately felt very humbled to be taught that, in the midst of all this struggle and illness, I am so very blessed...

When I was at the moving company getting packing supplies, a woman walks in and tells how in the past year she had breast cancer and a heart attack and has to move to her sisters. Again a lesson that, even though I have been through a lot this year, other people have had a much harder time...

Watching this beautiful family interact with one another is fascinating. Gwen's children are all teens to early 20's. A time when siblings can be very unkind to each other. This family worked beautifully together, helping each other, speaking kindly to each other...they play nice...I imagine how it would be, even now, to get my kids to work together with me...we certainly don't play very nice...The biggest lesson is learning what love made visible looks like...

This beautiful family has given me so much life education in two days. They have turned what I was dreading into a pleasant, warm detour on this moving journey... I was able to release control into the gentle hands of truly caring people... If everyone walked this earth as Gwen's family does, we would live in peaceful harmony... These are living saints...You can see the love on their faces after a long day of packing and cleaning...

...Yes, they even cleaned my house after they finished packing yesterday... Gwen said, "Sweetie there is no way I could leave you in this mess. We are going to clean."..and they proceeded to clean the entire house...they scrubbed, shined, mopped, swept, dusted, tweaked... I was blown away when I saw a 15 year-old boy cleaning the kitchen...beautifully...

Why do we need these teachers to show us what we already know or should know? Why do we learn lessons only to forget and have to learn again? Sometimes I don't stop to count all my blessings, just some of them... but I am grateful for the help of so many loving people.

Today's aMUSEment - Try to walk on this planet with more love in your spirit, not just your heart. Treat everyone as a beloved sister or brother.

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rochmabeau said...

Sending a prayer your way!

Karen Cole said...

Sometimes we get soooo busy with our own lives we forget to see the rest of the world. I'm so glad you had such wonderful people to help you. I know it is an over used cliche but, things always have a way of working out.

Thank you for thinking of me. I will be thinking of you.

Elizabeth said...

such a beautiful and touching post - I send you my love and best wishes - and thank you for sharing these gifts

xox - eb.

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