Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm Home

Ebullīre (bulla for short) is the bubbly Muse overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, and excitement. She is truly high-spirited and zestfully enthusiastic...ebullient. We call on her when we have something to celebrate.

And celebrate we must...I am joyfully writing from the lanai of my beautiful Florida home. I can hear the waves breaking in the distance. I am at peace on this little island where I truly connect with my spirit and my center. I walked along the beach for about an hour this afternoon. Nature's bounty was overflowing with gifts...I found many heart-shaped shells, angel wings, and sharks teeth. And some bits that will embellish my faces soon...

I will share photos later today of my finds when I can figure out how to get them into my laptop...

When was the last time you felt joyously unrestrained? I was standing ankle-deep in the cool Atlantic Ocean giving thanks to God for bringing me home. I felt such a rush of emotions...buoyant, elated, excited, grateful, exhilarated, hopeful, exuberant, and peaceful. I am seemingly gushy tonight for I have returned home and will soon be all moved back, never to leave again... I am blessed!

Today's aMUSEment - What makes you joyfully unrestrained? Get comfortable and take your mind to the place or time that created this feeling in your heart. Spend some time with the feeling. Relax and let it flow through you. This is the feeling I want you to bring to your studio every time you enter. It will be the birth place of the fruits of your spirit...your art!
U Be Creative Today!

PS - My contract to continue as editor was signed today.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are celebrating your life in Florida! Sounds blissful.
For me starting my blog has been the most recent joy in my life.

Darla said...

Good for you! You're back home and the contract is signed.

I looked at the island link. No wonder you love the place. Now lets go to one of those resturaunts and celebrate, what say?


Anonymous said...

If I were not so tired tonight, I'd have a glass of champagne to celebrate your return to FL, Rebecca.:-) May you find peace and happiness on this new journey.

tlchang said...

Your island-beach-cottage sounds fabulous. What an enviable place to connect and create from!

It looks like you are doing wonderfully good things on and with your blog.

Thanks for visiting mine.