Monday, June 25, 2007

BIG WIG Exercise 3 - Day 12

Sometimes you just have to step out on that yellow brick road and do something new without knowing the outcome.

Beneficent is a deeply thoughtful muse who walks the yellow brick road often. She knows a BIG WIG when she has one and understands that it is not something she thought up; it seems to come from somewhere beyond thought. She understands you'll feel a jolt of yearning, as though your heart is straining toward its destiny. It's mind boggling. The very idea will seem impossible...almost.

That "almost" will tickle the edges of your consciousness, tempting you to believe that somehow, someway, your dream may fall just inside the realm of probability.

When A BIG WIG comes what do you do? Experts say that simply writing down goals greatly increases your chance of actually achieving them. Perhaps it's because the act of writing primes your brain to scan the environment, looking for opportunities that will take you toward your objectives. Many choices you make en route to realizing your BIG WIG will be so inconspicuous that you won't even notice them, but over time they'll add up to huge changes in direction.

Once you've written your WIG, the real work begins.

Today's aMUSEment - Helping it Happen: This BIG WIG-baiting exercise also involves time travel, but for this one you don't project yourself into the future. Instead, your future self comes back to visit you. Imagine meeting a wise, happy person who just happens to be your best self ten years from now. Ask this person for advice. If you're facing a problem, ask your mentor how she got through it ten years back. Ask her what mistakes you're making and how you might correct them. As with the previous exercise, you may initially get no answer. Nevertheless, your true self, that wise being who exists outside of time, has registered the questions. The answers will come.

by Martha Beck

U Be Creative Today!!

PS - Today we load a rental truck with precious things that I don't want movers handling and send it off to Florida...Gwen and family will help load...


Anonymous said...

I'm so happoy to have found your blog.
It's so inspiring.
Am I allowed to link to it?


Anonymous said...

hope you're having a properous
'loading' today and that your precious items will arrive save and sound in your new home. busy times, rebecca, but very exiting.

Anonymous said...

When you step out on the Yellow Brick Road, that when thing start happening!

Anonymous said...

I meant THAT'S when THINGS start happening!

Happy moving!