Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I must apologize to my regular aMUSEment seekers for missing yesterday. I have a whole bag excuses/reasons/justifications/cop-outs. Let's just say I am creatively unemployed now and in no way aMUSEd!!!

Then, the Muses became unruly, contrary, peevish and mischievous. They began frolicking/toying with me. Early this morning (5 AM) I had written a most wonderful post, when I hit some key and blew it into cyber nothingness. It was gone, caput, nowhere to recover. I have a private student coming today, so I am limited in time to recreate. I also am at a loss for recreating it. I know the gist, but the phrasing escapes me. I trust it will come another day when I have the time to think.

Today's aMUSEment - Devote 10 minutes to your favorite art form.

U BE Creative Today!

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