Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Lelahni is the Muse of flower power. She is eternally bright and cheerful. She wears beautifully colored floral fabrics that she made herself and always has a flower in her hair. Her smile warms your heart. She is simply happy.

Today's aMUSEment - Let's get out of the studio, even if it is raining. Get up and go to the nearest exit to the outside world. Take a deep breath. Lift you arms over our head as you breathe in deeply. Stretch them high to the sun. Ask to be filled with the Spirit of happiness today. Then start to walk. It does not matter where. The first flower you see, stop and look at it intently. It can be in your garden. It can be in a field. It can be on the table at the corner coffee shop. See all the colors of the flower. Look at the center and feel it. What does it feel like? Smell it. Does it have a fragrance? Linger with your flower for a while. Experience the happiness of the moment. Are you inspired to create?
U Be Creative Today!

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