Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Retablo/Michael's First Book Review

WOW!! What a weekend. Sorry that I could not get on the Internet last night or this morning. I am home now and here is what I did the first day - a cigar box retablo. It is not quite finished, but is good for a 6-hour class.
Top left is the outside. It is a leather glove wrapped around a door lock plate. I placed and eye from one of my faces inside the opening. The gloves are fingers thru which the eye peers. It is full of mystery. Left is the inside view. It is more active but invites you to finish the story. Notice that the key is on the inside!!! Can one get in without it? Are you not supposed to be in there? Michael said he liked the "rawness of the outside, left natural. It tells a story and invites you in."

Random Arts is a beautiful store. Jane and her staff are welcoming and gracious spirits. But alas, Michael's book is not ready as yet. He did allow us a peek at his advance copy.

I hesitate to call this a book because it is a work of art itself. The book takes you on a journey into the midst of the myth. Michael's compelling masterworks are mingled with his allegorical prose on this adventure into the creative heart and soul of an artist. You sense his spirit on every page. If you have not met this remarkable gentle man run, don't walk, to his next workshop. And order an advanced copy, a special signed edition, of this beautiful book today. It promises to be one of your most often used sources of inspiration.

U Be Creative Today!!

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