Friday, May 25, 2007

Imiginata - Imagineer

Muse Imiginata has hundreds of ideas swirling around in her head at all times. This resourcefulness is a great asset when you need to brainstorm because she can come up with 44 ideas in a minute or two. You can see it in her eyes when the wheels begin to turn. Creative thinking is her strong suit. She is an Imagineer.

She possesses an uncanny knack for forming mental images or concepts. The fruits of her imagining are often fanciful. Imaginata's creations are consistent with reality, but shaded with a hint of illustrative or decorative imagery that makes them her own. This gift makes her an excellent writer.

Do you understand what a great gift your imagination is? Your imagination is what sparks your daydreams, fuels your hopes, and completes your creativity. It can also cause distress if it runs wild without all the facts. Your imagination can be fanciful or whimsical, sophisticated or casual, amusing or serious. Imagination is what created the wheel, the printing press, the computer, the Internet, the automobile, the airplane, the television, the steam engine, the laser, discovered the earth was round, DNA, cures for polio and smallpox. You get the idea!?!?!

Imagination is thwarted in schools today. You are taught to know the answer to the question, not to question the answer!! Children blessed with an overabundance of imagination (me) are often classified as difficult, daydreamer (me), class clown, etc. because for some reason we want to be classified as something. And those classifications were looked on as bad things. It took me many years to overcome the labels placed on me by well-intentioned and loving people. We are taught to color inside the lines and live within your box. Those of us who did not think of lines as stopping points or our boxes as prisons, developed and fed our fertile imaginations and became the visionaries and creative thinkers who discover new frontiers and dream dreams that can change our world.

Today's aMUSEment - Encourage yourself (and your children) to use your imagination to discover new things about yourself. Let's start thinking outside your box and get your brain cells activated. Get paper and pen and write in big bold letters across the top -


We are going to write the title of the next country hit song. Now find 25 different way to express broken heart. I will share my list tomorrow but here are a few to start:

  1. my bro-ken ticker
  2. ache breaky heart (that's been done)
  3. my divided heart
  4. a heart torn asunder
  5. my ventricles have been stomped on by you
Become an Imagineer - U Be Creative Today!

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