Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hamana Muse of Rhythm

Hamana is a very spiritual person. She connects easily to her inner self by singing, dancing, and drumming. Have you ever drummed? I love the rhythmic beat of drums. I like to feel the vibration in my hands and in my body. I like how my hands speak the rhythms of my soul as they move across the surface of the drum. I like how it sometimes matches the beating of my heart. It is very comforting.

Today's aMUSEment - Let's drum. If you don't have a real drum, a large flat stock pot will do. Actually any flat surface is fine, but something you can turn over in front of you is best. Take your drum to the middle of your living room or any room where you are free to make some noise. Sit on the floor with the drum before you and start to tap. One hand then the other. 1LEFT, 1RIGHT, 1LEFT, 1RIGHT. When this feels comfortable, do two taps with one hand. Always alternate hands. Like 1R,1L,1R,1L,1R,2L,1R,1L. Repeat this rhythm a few times. Then do a 2R,2L,2R,1L rhythm. Keep going. Create your own tap series. Go fast or slow, hard or soft. Just make noise. The drumming brings you to a centered place where only the beat and the feeling in your hands and body are in your awareness. If you like this you might want to invest in an inexpensive drum.
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DJ said...

I love this sketch Rebecca! And thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I looked for your email to respond, but couldn't find it... I did reply on my blog, but wanted to personally thank you.
Love your daily muses and encouragement!

Darla said...

Years ago I owned a dumbek (Middle Eastern Drum) and enjoyed playing it. It finally fell apart, well the drum head came unglued and I don't remember where it eventually got off to.

I think I'll go drum on a nice big copper pot, that should work.