Saturday, May 26, 2007

I've Got Ideas

Oh boy do I have ideas!!! Muse Mynda is Imagineer Extraordinaire. She has that look, that spark in her eye that says - I am about to be up to something big!!!

Mynda and Imaginata helped me with the list from yesterday's aMUSEment. We got a little carried away as you will see below. How did you do? Did you get way outside the box and think of alternate words for the heart? Did you use the Thesaurus? Did you ask for help from someone? Did you review some country song lists? Did you stop at 10 or 15 titles? All of these are creative ideas. Share with us what you did to come up with ideas?

  1. My fractured-vascular organ

  2. Heartbro-ken ov-er you

  3. Heart bro-ken open

  4. Heart failure

  5. My cracked auricle

  6. You're under cardiac arrest

  7. My-ocardial infarction is you

  8. I've developed heart disease over you

  9. Scars on my hear

  10. You broke my cardiac organ

  11. These chest pains were caused by you

  12. Coronary contusion

  13. My affliction is a broken heart

  14. My heartache was started by you

  15. You gave me heartsickness

  16. With a heavy heart I say goodbye

  17. I rue givin' my heart to you

  18. Lovin' you was a grievous sin

  19. Broken pieces of my heart

  20. My angina started when you left

  21. You scarred my heart

  22. My heart is worn and torn

  23. My puffer was broken today

  24. My scarred heart will survive

  25. You jumped on my pumper

  26. My ticker is sicker

  27. My heart is black and blue

  28. The pieces of my vascular organ

  29. Heart breaker

  30. You broke my heart to pieces

  31. My heart breaks and aches for you

  32. You fractured my heart

  33. Only a few fragments of my heart remain

  34. You split my heart in two

  35. You cracked apart my heart

  36. My heart is broken from the fall

  37. My heartbreak is inoperable

  38. My heart collapsed

  39. You busted my heart

  40. You shattered the source of my being

  41. My auricle was shattered by your love

  42. Cardiac organ repair

  43. My pumper is a thumpin' for you

  44. My heart is in critical condition

  45. My heart has been downgraded to critical condition

  46. Livin' you is heart-rending

  47. Which ventricle will you break this time

  48. Heartbroken lament

  49. My pitiful heart

  50. Tragic misuse of my heart

Today's aMUSEment - Pick one of your titles and finish the song. Write, at least, three verses and one chorus. Don't know what a verse and a chorus are? Go here to learn the structure of a song. Another interesting site for songwriters is called "The Muse's Muse." It is loaded with helpful info.
U Be Creative Today!

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