Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Sacred Life

Zenamoon has invited anyone who is interested to join in her "My Sacred Life Project" to post a photo from your daily life capturing something that connects you to Spirit for at least 30 days. As you know my art is prayer for me and is my way to connect to God and the world around me. Click here to visit her blog and learn how to join in.

My life is sacred and each day I attempt to grow more in my have seen my grotto where I spend each morning in prayer and contemplation...I have shared my faith and joy on many I offer these joyous images to you as my first connection to the world that is part of my every day...butterfly blue...

from a very meager creature
a butterfly becomes a teacher
of love and beauty rarely told
when, at last, it's wings unfold

brilliant colors flutter by
when one journey's to the sky
it truly is no quizable
it's just God's love made visible

Rebecca E. Parsons 1978

Here is more love made visable. click to enlarge...

My New Digital Wonder Camera allows me to share my world with you...

This was my teacher's display piece at John C. Campbell Folk School...a marbled, grained, and gilded box...the amazing thing is that I took this photo through glass....

That's new digital camera...Olympus 740 Stylus 7.1 megapixels...has 27 different settings...from museum to underwater...from sunsets to fireworks... I am in love.....

picture from

It has 5x optical zoom with Digital Image Stabilization. It has all-weather seals and gaskets so it's splash-proof, dust-proof and ocean-spray-proof and has Bright Capture Technology. The 2.5" LCD screen is large enough to see. And it records 30 minutes of video with sound. And it fits in my pocket!!!

Today's aMUSEment - enjoy the photos. Do they inspire you to paint, or sing, or go to the mountains?
U Be Creative Today!


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are magnificent. Great camera, great photographer too!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, welcome to My Sacred Life! It's a true delight to meet you.

Unknown said...

Wonderful photographs! And lucky you, new camera! I will expect to see more of the world around you now!!!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I LOVE those photos... so wonderful. Very good work and composition.

Thank you!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Deborah said...

"Art as prayer" - I'd love to hear more about that concept (since my business revolves around prayer and meditation beads and wider definitions of prayer...) Thanks for the jumping off point to explore!

Deb from

suze said...

Great photo's. I have been searching for a new camera,hmmmmm.
Thanks for sharing the info on your camera.