Wednesday, June 24, 2009

building my wings...

i am building my art wings that are some of my fave angel painting...

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'golden wings' - 2009 venetian plaster, acrylics, 18K gold on canvas

"Do what you love, and love what you do. DO WHAT YOU LOVE, AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO!...I want you to go to the edge of the cliff, jump off, and grow your wings on the way down. Don't worry about having the wings, they'll come." -Ray Bradbury
so i am in the process of building my wings...i jumped off that cliff earlier this week...and i have not hit the ground as yet!!!

'on silvered wings' - 2009 plaster, acrylics on canvas

and this free fall seems to be freeing me...

opening me wide to ALL the possibilities

of my LiFE...

and my HerT...

have you ever just stepped off the edge,
without a plan or a safety net...
and met your best self on the way down?

i am finding


and purpose

and wild abundant joyfulness

my wings have indeed come
and my eyes are seeing with new clarity
all that lies before me....

'acceptance" 2009 plaster, acrylics on canvas

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