Thursday, June 25, 2009

a dolphin comes during my prayer...

a dolphin comes during my prayer...

during my morning meditation and prayer time, a family of four dolphins often come by...this morning i caught a glimpse of a solitary dolphin...i was blessed enough to catch her photo in the golden rays of the magnanimous is our Creator to give me such a gift each morning? my soul dances for joy...

Every situation is perfect the way it is. Every circumstance offers you a lesson that will help you become the person you're capable of being. What will you do? It's your decision as to how you handle it, Marianne Williamson says.

In every moment you are given a choice...which aspect of your being will rise up to meet it...every choice brings you a chance to exercise your spiritual muscles...and hone your persona until it is perfectly aligned with your spirit...

When you deliberately seek positive aspects of whatever you are

giving your attention to, you, in a sense, tune your vibrational tuner to

more positive aspects of everything. And, of course, you could tune yourself

negatively as well. But as you are deliberately looking for positive

aspects in yourself or in others, you will find more of those things:

"The better it gets, the better it gets," for you get more and more of

what you are thinking about whether you want it or not. --Abraham

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Susan Tuttle said...

"Every situation is perfect the way it is. " -- Yes, yes!