Wednesday, June 10, 2009

along came Marianne Williamson


MiracleThought: What Does Weariness Mean?

"Weariness means you're hanging onto something--it's time to let go. Shed your old skin and grow a new one. There's an old world falling down all around us, making way for the new," Marianne Williamson says. Hear the podcast.

Is there a spirit of weariness upon us?

we are all weary of being who we have been longer than we should have is not longer appropriate to do are holding on to something it is time to let go is time to be reborn into something new...

it is no longer useful to hang out in be the person i used to's over!!! let die what needs to die...let be born now what is begging to be born...

be today who you were not yesterday...that you shall be tomorrow who you were born to be!!!

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somepinkflowers said...

just popped in to see
how you are!


i am reading
The Age of Miracles
by m. williamson right now....

oh my goodness ---->

''embracing the New Midlife''

where did the time go?