Thursday, July 12, 2007

Opal the Magnificent Mermaid

Opal, the Magnificent Mermaid, is Muse Extraordinaire....She has been on this Florida adventure with me since the beginning back in 2001 when I first found this dream house...I found her in the most unlikely place...Dahlonega, GA...home of the first gold rush in the nation.

Yesterday, Constance at Rochambeau, shared a wonderful variety of mermaids...She prodded a much-needed visit through my memory bank...and transported me to a place and a time when I was so excited about manifesting one of my top five life goals...I had forgotten the feeling and the emotions...during this transitory period...Constance, you rekindled my excitement...and for this I am forever grateful!

Isn't it wondrous how this community of bloggers can come together and impact each other with their words...Maya Angelou says "Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning."

Our human blog voices sometimes shout, sometimes whisper, and most times touch one another...I feel words are our most powerful gift...a powerful form of energy...imagination is ignited by words...spoken or read...our own and those of countless others whose words enter our conscious mind throughout our lifetime...

Words form in our minds...are given voice...and flow out into the touch, to shape, to alter the world around us and beyond our borders...almost effortlessly thanks to the Internet...Your words are important...choose them wisely...use them with care...deliver them gently....and always share...

We exist in a web of relationships...links to God, nature, and other people...

Today's aMUSEment - Take time to trace the links that touch you, giving thanks for the life force that flows through them.
U Be Creative Today!

PS - visit WOW Words of Women for more inspiration...


Darla said...

Your mermaid is lovely. I always think of the Goddess Yamaya when I see images of mermaids.


Anonymous said...

What an Enchanted Mermaid you have Ms. Cre8tive!! Yes, she has many a friend to play with over at Rochambeau!!
I agree with what you said about words. This morning Marita's blog made me think about how important the written word is. Meeting people through the blogosphere is a way to peek in on the essence of a person. Writing not shared can be a personal tool for healing. It seems when a person puts the pen to a paper your soul just pours out. In the bible it says to guard your tongue, because one can cause a forest fire with their words.
Also, If you think something good or beautiful about another say it. You could change another persons destiny with one sentence. Many people have done this for me through out my life! I look back and am grateful!

Thanks for all the candy info. I'm on the hunt!

Elizabeth said...

You are so right about words...they can be incredibly delicious food for the mind, as your site is! Opal is beautiful and I'm sure you know that Leonie is a Mermaid. As an aquarious, I am the water bearer, so it seems I am part of that world, too...perhaps why I love the ocean so very much.

Peace and joy be with you.

Unknown said...

She is beeeee-utiful!!!