Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Creative Entrepreneur TM

Muse Victoria is not afraid to attempt anything. She is a good companion for Cre8Tiva for she encourages and challenges her. She is an award-winning ballroom dancer, an accomplished interior designer, and a triathlete. She does all things with verve and great flair. She is bold and aggressive and not afraid to ask for exactly what she wants, yet you can't help but be charmed by her passion.

Her personality traits are just right for a Creative Entrepreneur...are yours??? Do you have what it takes to be creatively self-employed?

When you make the decision to make a living at your artform, you will probably begin with talent and little else. There is no board of directors, no administrative help, no financial officer, no marketing and sales team, no agent, rep or venue, no deep financial resources...it's just you and your talent...and talent can only take you so far. If the world never knows you exist, you will be working for someone else and doing your art at night and on weekends...struggling to become what you know your can be...

Over the next two months I will be writing a new book for a workshop called...Creative Entrepreneur (TM) - How To Thrive as an Artist. I will be doing research here and sharing some chapters...I welcome any ideas, thoughts, questions, and comments about topics you would like to know more about...

What are the necessary characteristics of a Creative Entrepreneur? Passion for your art and artform is by far the most important trait you will need. It is that passion that will propel you forward when everything looks dim, people aren't buying, and you creative juices are low. Your passion to create because you must will carry you and create that passion in others - patrons, gallery owners, collectors, groupies... Your passion spreads and expands as you develop relationships and it is your passion that drives you.

You can see passion in someones eyes. You can hear passion in their voice when they talk about their work. You can feel passion in their body language as they show you their art. You can't help but catch the fever of a fervent artistic soul. Do you posses this passion for your artform?

Today's aMUSEment - Take this short Entrepreneur Test...
  1. Are you prepared to sacrifice time, family, money, sleep, relationships, etc.?
  2. Do you have financial stability and reserves?
  3. Do you enjoy working on a project that may take 5-10 years to see success?
  4. Can you solve problems quickly?
  5. Do you believe in yourself enough to persist when others tell you it can't be done?
  6. Can you accept failure without admitting defeat?
  7. Do you enjoy being responsible and in control of your future?
  8. Can you keep good records? Handle cash responsibly?
  9. Are you trustworthy? Can you trust yourself? Can you deliver?
  10. Are you a self-starter?
  11. Do you worry about what others think of you?
  12. Are you easily bored?
  13. Are you a risk taker?
  14. Did you start a business as a child?
  15. Are you a loner?

These are just a few things to ask yourself as you move forward. Take some time to know yourself and be honest about your business skills.

Another eye-opening test with explanations is here

U Be Creative Today!


Darla said...

I took the test on the site you listed. My results "lf you scored +15 to +34, your background, skills and talents give you excellent chances for success in your own business. You should go far."

Interesting, I've had a couple of small "side" businesses in my lifetime. Neither made me rich but I did profit.


Tricia said...

i am really enjoying reading about your muses and what they mean to you, how you call upon them for your artmaking.
your sketches are wonderful and very inspiring.
thank you for all of your well wishes. :)