Thursday, July 19, 2007

First Gallery Showing

I know it was only three lines at the end of an article and my name was not used...just my e-mail address...and I know that I have been in magazines many, many times throughout my career as a muralist/decorative painter...I am a regular columnist...guest writer...have my own book, "Do What You Love, Love What You Do"...I even edit an industry magazine, "The Artistic Stenciler" for heavens why did the blurb in Somerset Studio excite me so???

I am trying to reinvent my small art...make a place for my art and my self in this wide world of being in a well-respected magazine in a different genre is very exciting to me...and gave me much impetus to start sending articles to magazines in this field...

I also have another admission to make...I have painted murals and walls of my homes for many years...but only ever hung one canvas work of mine in my home...I was visiting a blog recently where the writer stated that her home is a revolving gallery for her art...and I wondered why don't/can't I hang my art in my home???...if I won't hang my art, why would a gallery or a buyer do so???

So I placed one small canvas work (12" X 12") on the display area above the kitchen peeks out from behind some roosters...and it belongs feels angel looking out over the great can see her better here (scroll down the post)...

I have made another small heroic step into my future...I plan to hang more work soon...this is my first gallery showing.

I found this at Celestine Musings yesterday: “I have found that you have only to take that one step towards the gods, and they will then take ten steps toward you. That step, the heroic first step of the journey, is out of, or over the edge of, your boundaries, and it often must be taken before you know that you will be supported." Joseph Campbell

Today's aMUSEment - find a new place in your home to hang some of your art...then hang it... take an heroic step out...beyond your boundaries...
U Be Creative Today!


xxxxx said...

Hi Rebecca. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog yesterday. I came here to say hi and read about that step you referred to... to find out that you linked to my blog in this post. Thanks :-) I totally believe in that Joseph Campbell quote and trust that your being in the current issue of Somerset Studio heralds further publication success in a field that is new to you. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Rebecca. You go Girl!! Life is a series of reinventions. We are always evolving don't you think?

eb said...


Rebecca - just be you

and put yourself

out where you can

have an interesting


with me - or you - or........

be the beauty

that you so love

and are

so love it when you visit

xox - eb.

Zorana said...

Oh dear... I would live surrounded by my paintings if I painted like you.

tlchang said...

'Because Somerset Studios is so WAY cool - and how terrific to be associated with them! Just another form of validation. :-)

Vivienne said...

what a beautiful post. i love that you took that step. now you can be reminded daily of how blessed you are to live such a creative life! that is so wonderful.