Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Musettes

The Warholesque Musettes are fanciful and bright. They are a stretch for me, not for Cre8Tiva though. How do you stretch yourself?

Today's aMUSEment - Pick three colors you would never use. (For me they would be in the brown family because brown is not a color - right? Don't tell UPS that I have an aversion to brown please!!) Or three colors you think don't match. You can use paint, markers, colors cut from a magazine, paint chips, anything you have that is the right color will do. Find a piece of paper and begin to scribble on it, or make paint blobs, or drop cutouts on the page. Don't think about it too much because this is a 15 minute exercise. When you are pleased with the look, tear it apart. in 15 pieces. Put them in a bag or container. Now pick pieces from the container and glue them starting at the bottom right corner of another sheet of paper. Work up to the top corner then come back down beside those. Keep going until the sheet is covered. How does it look? You can use this as a background for a painting or journal on it or cut it in strips for collage. Sign and date the back always.

U Be Creative Today!!

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