Monday, April 9, 2007

Decisions Muse

Muse Deci helps me in times of decision making. She works through discernment methodically and with extra care. Was at the doctor's this morning. I will have some decisions to make in the future.

U Be Creative Today!!


Anonymous said...

This is a good one...if not the best. This image is more than just a drawing. This woman has a spirit, a life...I am curious to know about her, and why she is making that face. It is as though she has just a heard a joke that isn't very funny, but she smiles nonetheless. This drawing accurately approaches truth; it is the drawing of a skilled artist.

Do you see the difference in this one from the other muses?

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

Thank you. This drawing is actually a portrait so it took longer to draw and more care was taken for depth and breadth. Most of the daily muses are quick sketches I create just before I go to sleep in my journal.

The person was making some major life decisions about her future. The look is one of excitement and trepidation.