Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is the my line of assemblage art made from found objects. I stumble (sometimes literally) across things on my sojourns into the world outside my studio. Rocks, pieces of paper, anything shiny or rusted, metal bits, wood and feathers - anything that catches my eye. Eventually it will find a place in my art or in the ever evolving vignettes that overburden the places I call home.

Above is an assemblage from The Lost and Found called Dream Awhile. Found objects were combined with eyes from one of my paintings and some clay tiles.

My new obsession is faux raku clay mosaic tiles. I combine them with found objects to create this series called Inspirito.

Two pieces from The Lost and Found called Faces of Places Gone. They are an homage to places I have visited that touched my life in a special way and remain a loving memory.

Meditation Music is another piece from The Lost and Found. It combines a lost piece of music, a mosaic tile piece, and one of my drawings.Below is Soul Journey a textural painting with tile embellishment.

As you can see there is a theme of faces in my artwork. I love to draw faces - real and from my imagination. A face or piece of a face finds its way into all my artwork. Even when I did murals, I always painted a face somewhere in the scene. My clients were challenged to find it. It was a way to add Cre8Tiva's special imprint to everything.

I see faces everywhere. Sometime I will share some of the pictures of faces that are not intended to be faces.

U Be Creative Today!!!

P.S. Happy Birthday Daddy

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Anonymous said...

I love your art work, Rebecca! What are the sizes of the various pieces you just posted? Just curious... are they small, medium or large????