Friday, April 20, 2007


The Muse Belief knows with certainty who she is and what she is capable of accomplishing. We go to her whenever we need a good dose of motivation because she believes in us too. Do you have that deep knowing about yourself? What do you believe that is limiting your creativity?  Can you be the creator that is inside you?

Today's aMUSEment - Get a piece of paper and some colored markers. We are going to write eight things that you think or say about yourself that are limiting you from creativity. Make an artsy journal page out of this. Write in the center of the page My Limiting Beliefs in bold letters. Then take a different color for each belief and write it out. Turn the paper. Write or print. Make some doodles while you think. I will jump start your list -
1) I am not as talented as _____;
2) I can't do that!;
3) Nobody would pay money for my creations.

Throughout the day be thoughtful about how and why you limit yourself.

U Be Creative Today!

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