Thursday, April 19, 2007

Go Within Muse - Today's aMUSEment

This muse is something different with a different look and feel. The Go Within Muse represents looking deep inside yourself for inspiration and creation. Look closely and you will see the face within the figure. She is the muse we call upon when you have to do some soul searching about your creativity.

Go Within is the poster girl for the launch of our exciting new program called Today's aMUSEment. It will be a daily suggestion to spark your creativity. Sometimes it will be an action step, sometimes a meditation. Come back every day and join in Today's aMUSEment. I plan to update the aMUSEments before I go to bed each night so early birds can have them. I hope people will come often to get a creativity kick-start. Spread the word to anyone you know - artist, writers, craftsmen, poets, journalers, craftspeople, dancers, musicians - all creative souls are invited to partake. I only ask that you pass it along!!!

Today's aMUSEment - take 10 minutes before you begin to create today to meditate about the piece you are working on. If you sit quietly a new idea will usually appear. At minimum it sets the mood for creativity to flow.

U Be Creative Today

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