Wednesday, April 4, 2007

April Fool Muse

Here is The April Fool Muse. I love the background. This is a Computer Collage Artwork (CCA). I scan my original artwork, which is black and white, then I scan a background that I have painted using Golden Artist Colors mediums and acrylics. The two are then merged and manipulated in PhotoShop until I am satisfied. I love to use my computer to create new artworks from my original artwork.

After each piece is digitized, I use the artwork many ways. I use the heads or part of the heads in The Lost and Found assemblages and collages (see works on The Lost and Found April 3). With original drawings and original computer drawings the possibilities are endless.

I can make prints or limited edition artwork. I can manipulate and combine many originals to create unlimited new works. I might add text or other musings to these before I have them printed and framed. Cre8Tiva takes us on may journeys through creativity. You never know where we will be next.

U Be Creative Today!!!

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