Friday, February 5, 2010

things I wish someone had told me before starting a biz

someone asked for advice about starting a business today...this is my response...

the beach this morning

congratulations for wanting to take the leap into your dream!!! there are many of us who have been exactly where you are and i offer support in the creation of your business and salute you for asking for help!

Things I wish someone had told me before starting a biz:
  1. Trust your intuition and passion. There is no idea that comes to you without the resources to accomplish it...what you need is already there waiting for you. 
  2. Always choose passion over profits! Passion is sometimes the only thing that will keep you going when there are difficulties and/or low funds...and there always are these times. When you are passionate about your mission, you infect others with that passion...and that will bring the income. So learn to talk your passion...everywhere.
  3. Do the work it takes to create a business model that works for you. That means planning, research, and time. Doing the business plan can be the most rewarding time in your journey...if taken seriously and done well, it can give you clarity of purpose and define the path to prosperity. Without one, you will struggle and jump from one thing to another looking for something that works. You may stumble upon it, but charting your course is much more efficient.
  4. Know your core values...and your core business values. Then create your business mission statement and values. Post and read these frequently and make sure every decision you make is in support of these.
  5. Take an action step toward your dream every day!!! Don't get stuck in the planning and the something that will propel you forward. Just do it!!!
  6. Find support of others on the same path as you. Connection, especially when working from home, is necessary to keep you accountable and on track.
  7. Ask for help when you need it. Do those things that you are best at and will be the best return on investment for you...leave the details to others and hire help as soon as you can. It will free you to create the dream.
  8. Believe that what you do is of value. Create a pricing structure that supports the value and the dream.
  9. Learn how to ask for the money!! If you have to stand in front of a mirror for an hour every day until you can ask for the job without flinching, blushing, or it.
  10. You must do 3-5 hours of targeted marketing a day. You are in the business of marketing, no matter what you do, sell, or offer. You have no chance of success, if nobody knows you are in business and what you have to sell.
and...Never Give Up On Your Dream!!!


Always Have Heart!!!


Britt-Arnhild said...

Not give up on your dreams. That's so true.

Smile :-)

Diana Meade said...

Nice post and so very true. Thanks for reminding me. I love the one about standing in front of the mirror to practice asking for money. Great job!