Monday, February 15, 2010

In Search of Self Love...

every artist should watch this 35 minute movie about life as a creative soul...enjoy

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In Search of Self Love : 
A simple yet healing short feature video narrated by artist Rita Loyd. In this video, Rita, as an artist, tells how the creative process taught her to love herself. She also speaks about the true meaning of self-love and what she has learned in order to incorporate self-love into all areas of her life. Rita makes it clear in this video that true self-love comes from the spirit rather than from the ego. As she tells her story, the visual of the video is of her painting the image "Embrace all that you are with love." Be inspired by her simple yet powerful message.

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Lydia said...

Hi Rebecca- You have won my giveaway- the #1- Peace print! I sent you an email but haven't heard back. Did you receive it?

Please email me w/your address:)

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