Friday, February 19, 2010

inspired by the sea...

melissa at the inspired room dot net has asked bloggers to share what inspires us...well, of course, you would know that i am inspired by the sea and everything that shows up to greet me on my morning beach walk... i will share a photo essay today so you can see what i see...and be inspired...

'majesty' amelia island, fl 2/19/2010

how could you not be inspired by this scene every morning? it is the perfect place for my meditative time  that launches my days...

my path to the ocean

i may find a feather at sunrise

or see a gull soar against a firelike sky

i may stroll with a great blue heron

or see a pelican fish for breakfast

or dolphin's splash

i sometimes catch a couple watching the sunrise

or the birds watching the sunrise

i find a heart in the sea foam

or a heart rock

or beautiful nature's vignettes

get close to a tiny bird

 catch the sun rays on the boardwalk as i leave the beach


annies home said...

beautiful pictures

Tinker said...

A light heart - that's what I think of, looking at that lovely seafoam heart.
Beautiful photos, as always...xo

Lydia said...

Hi- This is the 3rd notice of trying to reach you about your win of my giveaway. I tried emailing, and left a comment on another post. Hope you get this one. Please email me w/your snail mail:)

Hope this finds you having a good day.


Darla said...

I haven't been around for awhile but remember how much you inspire me - your photo's of the sea and the shore are beautiful.