Saturday, August 11, 2007

I Mean Business

Patricia is the I Mean Business Muse. She is serious about everything in her life and often your life also. She doesn't put up with much nonsense and does not suffer fools lightly. You want her near when things are out of control because she will always be in control.

I need control today...everything is wacky. The magazine is a week late...I need to pay bills and I can't find them...I need to get ready for my class in North Carolina next week and my supplies are in boxes in the garage...I just found a check for an order of my books from April that has not been deposited...I have a book to write before the middle of September...I have corporate income taxes to get done...I have to call all my students for my classes in NC...I have to do samples for my class in PA...I need to make some art to get in the gallery...the house is a car is leaking's 101 degrees...I need to get settled...NOW!!!!

Today's aMUSEment- Get down to business. Do you want to make a business of your art? Do you want your creativity to manifest an income or more income? Take a sheet of paper and number it 1-25. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Take three deep breaths and set an intention to create ideas. Brainstorm 25 ways you can make money with your artwork. Write everything that comes to mind. Don't edit as you go - just write. Even the things that seem wild and crazy or total nonsense. The first few should come easily, the next few with more thought, and the last few will be very difficult. Now put the paper aside and go create something we will return to the list another day.
U Be Creative Today!


Anonymous said...

I NEED PATRICIA! Would you mind sending her over when she's through with you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

so come on rebecca! get organized. leave your posts of the blog for a while until you've settled it all.
do it now!
we'll wait for you anyway!!

Anonymous said...

She looks like she means business! Sounds like you've got alot of things going on right now - a Patricia would come in handy I think!