Friday, October 15, 2010

Fly Over Cre8Topia

We are Havin' a party...spooky party...

scary party... witchy party...
Frequent Flyer Party
here in

come join in too's the original Halloween blog hop ...
Cre8Tiva takes a  
A MidNight FLY OveR...

my Freebie is ready for all visitors to download..
just click on image, then copy

This is an original 6" x 6" digital painting from original artwork, doodles and textures and some PhotoShop brushes from Obsidian Dawn dot com. Please take a painting with you on your can frame it as artwork, use it to make napkins, coasters, decorate treat creative with it. You can print it as many times as you like...but it is for personal use only!!!

I must wait for the party tho...i am away, far away in New Jersey doing a good deed... painting enchanted murals an abused women's shelter (and i just happened to be on Nate Berkus Show)...without blog i will catch up when i return..

I have several FREE
Downloads during the month of October to celebrate the 1 year anniversary (tomorrow) of my radio show - Artistically check back often!!! and visit my other blog about learning to make a living doing what I love...
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where you will find projects & ideas like this...

Quick, Fun Decor Project

photo from Lowe's Creative Ideas

This is a way cool idea for creating giant spiderwebs for your Halloween decor! This is made with friction tape or electrical kids might even enjoy helping you create this one!!!

Step 1: Start with two long strips of black electrical or friction tape for the outside edges of the web. Measure strips to fit your desired space. Secure to wall using tacks or stapler.

Step 2: Attach similar long strips of tape at random intervals between the first two.

Step 3: Connect long strips with shorter strips, working your way out. Avoid lining up the shorter strips.

For this project and more creative decorating ideas visit Lowe's Creative Home.

visit the other wonderful party goers by clicking below...

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Elizabeth said...

Hey! I love the web idea- I am going to use it!

I just love traveling around making new friends don't you. It looks like you have a wonderful time creating your works of art. Much appreciated!

When you have the opportunity please come over for a visit!