Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the different ways in which needs can be satisfied...

"Besides the earth, man's principle resource is man himself. His intelligence enables him to discover the earth's productive potential and the many different ways in which needs can be satisfied." -- Pope John Paul II

in my dreams there is a banquet...and everybody i love, or ever have loved, or ever will love is there...and it is beautiful...and everyone is happy and there is enough food for each to have their one is hungry or in pain or sad...

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday...i love to get up early to bake the bread that has risen all night...and cook, and cook, and cook...pumpkin soup in tiny pumpkins i baked to the perfect golden turkey served with tiny ruffled shoes...homemade gravy and the inner parts turned into a feast for the animals...

this year is different...and i pray:

Lord, continue to fuel me with the desire to be productive...and understand the different ways in which needs can be satisfied...

pictorial essay...all photos taken this morning at sunrise...
for these i am thankful

natures' vignettes

a tiny feather in the sun
my great blue heron muse
a great splash photo
a chubby sanderling
a sunrise portrait session by the sea
rippled sand in the sun
surfers at dawn
pelicans flying low over waves
finding a perfect nautilus shell
a flock of sea gulls
colorful sea foam bubbles
haze over the ocean
watching a thanksgiving family photo session by the sea at sunrise

mostly i am thankful for the beautiful friendships i have found during the past 18 months...they have fueled my energy when i had none and filled my weary spirit with have given to me knowing that i had nothing to give in return... you know who you are and i hope you know how much i love you...and i say simply...

please read the post below about food banks and what they need this season...if you can help, please do...

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Janine Claire Robinson said...

Such a beautiful post. Your photos declare God's beauty.