Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sweet tweet...

"create authentic vision" - 2009, 7' X 5.5' acrylic, paper, banana leaves, on watercolor paper

Random Arts in Saluda, NC is sponsoring a Collaborative Journal called "Sweet Tweets." This is my contribution...

the back

close-up of face

close-up of wing

close-up of tail feathers

close-up of depth os folded/twisted paper


Mary Timme said...

I love when someone does this sort of thing, as I can't. I'm way too literal, but I can surely enjoy what others do in this realm. Nice bird! I liked it a lot!

random notes said...

Ahhh haaa
I get to see it before I get it in the mail! This is really cool. Thanks for the quick turnaround and displaying it on your blog.
Can;t wait to "touch" it.
thanks so much.
Jane at Random Arts in Saluda, NC
(smiles from afar)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing your art and faith.

Meg Fowler said...


I was lucky enough to be at Jane's today ... er, yesterday ... when your bird came in. LOVE IT!!!! These photos don't begin to do it justice. I wish everyone could see all the pages in person. They are simply WONDERFUL!!! Someone is going to win a truly fabulous book!!!

Leslie said...

Beautiful Rebecca! I love the depth.