Monday, February 16, 2009

don't wait for perfect...

'home work' - 2009  natural objects, beads, string, found objects, and acrylics on paper

this is a piece i dreamed up years ago (2001 to be exact) but never brought it to completion until i joined facebook, found an old friend who makes similar pieces, and sells them...DUH!!!

for those among us trying to figure out what we should be doing at this point in our lives...i offer this:

"If you're waiting to have a good idea before you have any ideas, you won't have many ideas." - David Allen, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

my school teachers were right...i do have an over active imagination...i have thousands of ideas...i am a great brain stormer, problem solver, idea woman...

i am a master of idea generation...but i suck at implementation...

i dug out my old journal/sketchbooks last week and began flipping through the pages...there, among the decades of sketches and musings was the idea for this piece...

i even wrote "i can't wait to create one of my own."

but wait i did...almost 8 with this piece...

i find it is not so much procrastination and laziness (although those can be mitigating factors in my nonperformance) seems to be that little voice in my head that says:

do you have self-sabotaging voices? do you let ideas flounder in procrastination? are you doing what you were born to do?

if NO is the answer to any of these...i will share a secret that has made me a success in my business life...




don't wait for it to be a perfect idea before you implement...don't wait for the perfect beginning before you start...don't wait to draw the perfect sketch before you paint..


perfection is an illusion...conditions are rarely aligned may never have ALL the money, ALL the time, or ALL the knowledge you desire to begin...the naysayers and critics will always be around...become a recovering perfectionist...


i will begin selling a lifetime of art supplies for mixed media in the next few days...i am simplifying my life...please check back for more details...


Lavender Dreamer said...

What a great post! I try to get everything done around my house...etc before I spend time on my creative projects! I am going to have to CHANGE! Love your blog!

Renee said...

Okay it is absolutely official.

I love the blog, love the pictures, love the ideas, agree with the sentiment. But what really sealed the deal was your picture.

Awesome. I am on-board.

When I was younger I did art things in art class and liked it but never thought I was talented (now I know you don't need to be). I still can't draw a stick man but in January I started an art journal for my oldest daughter because for me, if not now, it will be never. I don't have a lot of time, so I need to do things now, not perfect but now.

This post really struck me.

Thank you so much for visiting me, because then I got to come here and see you.

Love Renee

Jane B. said...

Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words when you stopped by my blog :-) I loved your post about getting things out there rather than waiting for perfect. I have heard before that the major difference between an artist and a dreamer is simply perspiration! Something like that anyway...Queen Isabella of Dachsonia also graciously thanks you for visiting. By the way, I live in Florida too (central).

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

I have to tell you first of all, I love this blog...I want to make one of the house trees. These are just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! It reminds of that old Europe feel which I just love! Thank so much for visiting me so I could find you! What a pleasure to meet you and I will be visiting you often!

Cori G. said...

Hi Rebecca and thanks for stopping by my blog. I scrolled down to the bottom of your page and saw your photos...They are so BEAUTIFUL! There's such a peacefulness about them. I'll be back to visit again.

XO Cori.

Jamie said...

Ya know, you are totally right! Love the post...I have a HUGE procrastination problem and also keep a journal with ideas...tons of ideas but never get around to doing them all. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :-) Can't wait to see what you will be selling (although, I need to simplify too, hehe).

FrenchGardenHouse said...

So totally right on! I always leave your blog encouraged in some way. Thank you, sweetie!
xo Lidy

rochambeau said...

Great Post Rebecca.
If we wait for perfection in any arena, it will never arrive!
Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love!1

Zorana said...

Beautiful post Rebecca! Lovely images and words. And yes - I have ideas that I don't follow and regret it later. I'm getting better at not allowing that to happen as often as it did before. xo

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi rebecca!
it is so nice to meet you!
thank you for visiting me today! i love your art and your wonderful blog!
:) melissa

see you there! said...

The houses are wonderful but the very best thing is that you dug out that 8 year old idea and put it into action. It is never too late to act!


Sarah said...

Hi Rebecca!
Thanks for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment. So glad you did so that I could visit you back and read your lovely blog. You are so right about perfectionism and I love the term 'recovering perfectionist'! It's perfect! Nice to meet you-will visit again soon. Love the houses too. My trouble is having ideas then forgetting them again-though I am getting better at putting them in my journal.
Sarah :)

Naturegirl said...

Perfection uses up too much energy and is draining..I totally agree
"done is better than perfect" smiles and hugs NG xo

tlc illustration said...

So true! And too easy to do, unfortunately. Good for you for deciding where to simplify and where to begin attacking projects.

Thank you for addressing all these issues. :-)

nzflutterby said...

Terrific post Rebecca.

Straight away I wrote David Allen's quote down on a scap to put in front of me And added Marketing Trumps Mastery.

I find the mess of uncompleted works makes for a messy mind and hinders the feeling of having done something which crestes more energy to start new things.

Also, I can hear those little voices about wasting time mucking about. Every time I want to try new things. Funny how I don't get them when I'm reading or surfing the internet. But so many treasures to find with surfing - like your thoughts.

PS - I'm training those voices to pop up when I'm doing housework!

Elizabeth said...

Hi ! I hae just found you thru jane's Random Notes Blog- I love the bird pages that you did for her challenge. So that Has brought me here and I have found a soul sister!! i laughed out loud when I read about your wonderful House and Twigs piece!! And then when I saw the picture with the thought balloons I said we must have been twins seperated at birth!! I have so many ideas I can barely stick with one thing long enough to see it thru till I start on the next. I think that this might be s Psycosis but my therapist says no it is just a very creative mind- and I am very productive but not tooo good at the self confidence bit!! ANYWAY I love your blog and I will be back often!!!

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