Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Spirit...

What are You Full Of?

Are you full of Spirit and light...are you full of joy and happiness...are you full of love and good cheer...or are you full of yourself???

Oh my Rebecca...where are you coming from today...self...self-centeredness...self-concern...selfhood...Yep...I am in the middle of a selfishness campaign...and I want you to come with me...of course!

Now it would be really selfish if I wanted you to go on MY journey...that's not the idea...I want you to go on YOUR journey...into YOUR self...

Self Realization is the culmination of all things spiritual. I love the following video in which Fr. Keating shares an illustration of stream of thought...and how we can go deeper into our soul...

Thoughts - Thomas Keating on the Method of Centering Prayer

Reaching the stage of Self Realization means...reaching True Self "which is our participation in the Divine Life" ...

I have listed all the self words and phrases I know or could dig up...

self     selfs      itself      myself      selfed      herself      himself        hisself      nonself      oneself      ourself      selfdom      selfing         selfish      thyself      selfdoms      selfheal      selfhood      selfless      selfness      selfsame      selfward      yourself      selfheals      selfhoods      selfishly unselfish      selflessly      selfnesses      selfishness      unselfishly      damselfish      selflessness       selfishnesses      unselfishness         selflessnesses      selfsamenesses         unselfishnesses
self portrait      self selection      self denial      self study      
self motivation      self help      self defeating      self employed    
self absorbed         self critical      self denial         self defense      enlightened self      interest      self interest      self importtance      self image      self obsessed      self ritcheous      self indulgent      self interest      self portrait      in defense of self    
self fulfilling prophecy    self-flagellation      self reflection      
self reliant      self involved      self deusion    
is self-explanatory      self-appointed expert      
self-congratulatory cleverness 
paint your self into a corner
history repeating itself
to thine own self be true

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Mary Timme said...

This is odd to me, as I'm asking the Holy Spirit to clarify for me all the stuff that is on my plate and to tell me which is for me and which is not. Interesting to see your list, though.