Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thankful...for you...

This is how I feel about those sisters and brothers that I have been blessed to connect with through my blog...I am more than thankful...for you...

"trio" - 2007 - acrylic, watercolor and marmarino plaster on heavy paper

Thou art my sister and brother, because we were born of the same great spirit; conceived from the same mound of earth; slept quietly together in the cradle of unknowing until He in his gentleness set us in the midst of are my sister, I love you.

You and I are destined to be companions on the highway of life; together or apart, you are my sister I love you....if the color of my skin is different from yours it mattereth not, only let the beauty of our souls be kindred.

I will honor your wisdom and understanding, as you will mine, together we shall seek the seeds of truth in the distant rooms of the Great Spirit; the reflection of inner knowledge shall wear as beauty upon our are my sister I love you.

I will be human and fall down in rough places; but thy hand is near mine, I will reach for it. I shall not be alone. I will embrace you when the rains of sorrow visit you, I will visit your soul as if it were my are my sister and brother, I love you.

If death takes me from the lamp of life, and the veil of sleep falls across my eyes before yours, I will wait for you। I will come to lead you across the bridge of night into the meadows of the Great are my sister and brother I love you.

adapted from a poem by Jean Humphrey Chaille

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