Thursday, June 24, 2010

thank you kelly rae...i am soaring

i wrote this to kelly rae roberts this morning in response to her inspirational e-course Flying Lessons

you have so inspired me to soar above the clouds...i have been in a giant reinvention process over the past two years...i wrote the following on my blog 1/13/2010

During this past 26 months, God forced me to slow down by removing ALL obstacles (a job and income) and presenting me with TIME! Time to reflect. Time to mourn. Time to refresh. Time to repurpose. Time to realign. Time to reframe. Time to release. During this gift of time, I found #1-ME and #2-crystal clarity of purpose and #3-this is the time for me to soar...

"To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders" -Chuang Tzu

It has been a Two Year Retreat, mostly silent. I had no choice but to reconnect with myself…find strength to look at what brought me to this place, find fortitude to survive, find courage to move forward, find hope to rebuild, find bits of my soul that had been scattered about the universe over the years and bring them home.

there is more on my blog here:

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards." -Vernon Sanders Law, 1960 Cy Young Award Winner

this class has finally allowed me to move on with the i was ready, just afraid to jump into the air. i jumped somewhere in the second week, it was uncomfortable and i was afraid to open my eyes at first...when i finally did, i saw my one blessed beautiful precious life before me and felt the wind beneath my wings lifting me to new heights that i never even allowed myself to dream of before...and it feels amazing.

i have made some subtle and some not so subtle changes to my blogs...i have written some really inspired posts...i have sold some of my purses to a boutique using your wholesale advice...and i have almost finished my new book for people who color outside the lines!!!

i am waving at you from the heights because i cannot seem to get enough of this soaring!!

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MJ Ornaments said...

So great to hear it Rebecca, I'm enjoying the course too. Lots of really helpful information. Have fun with your new wings! Take care, Martha