Saturday, May 29, 2010

CreaTive Retreat 2010...

i am back home from a month-long teaching tour and retreat in the mountains of north carolina...

i taught 3 classes

and was even able to sneak in a class of my own with Martine House, fiber artist...called Fiber Fun Surface Design...i learned so much that will add to my painted purses class next year

a magic cloth piece with water-soluble stabilizer, found stick & leaf, beading


sampler piece with dyed silk, manipulated tyvek, gold foiling, cording, free-motion embroidery, beading

sampler piece with dyed silk, manipulated tyvek on mesh, gold hot glue embellishment, machine embroidery, beading

painted/manipulated tyvek, tyvek beads

cording & free-motion embroidery on purse, silk cloth with machine embroidery & found feather

sampler piece on rusted cotton, beading with found objects

i promise more photos of the classes and the mountains to come...

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