Saturday, January 9, 2010

chance in his snuggie & i in my LEGWARMERS?!?!?

snowflakes in florida this morning must be kidding...i understand that those of you to the north are  snickering in you ugg boots at this point...weeelllll, this is the thing....we don't have the insulation or the clothing for this... do i see legwarmers?!?!  (a little deviation from my usual sunrise photo)

yes that's me, at sunless sunrise, in legwarmers (thank heaven i still have my dancing apparel from the 60/70s)...sweatpants over my pj's...t-shirt/sweater/sweatshirt/pashmina...earmuffs/scarf...(no bra, i burnt that in the 60s but i am reconsidering that action this could be a warm fire starter) you can see the dead banana tree and sad palm in the background....

that's sir chancelot in his snuggie...he is either under the bed covers or smack in front of the quartz heater...if you try to move him he snarls big time!!!! moi?? i am embracing a cup of jasmine tea or raman noodles for warmth...

of course, i have a fireplace that has NEVER seen more than a candle's flame...and i don't have any logs anyway, nor do i know where to get some......i think i will be baking the majority of the day today and tomorrow...the oven seems to knock the chill from the great room area with it's bigggggg open expanses of windows and high ceilings...cookies anyone???

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Tess1960 said...

LOL, You poor dear, (lmao), I so feel for you, (lol) really I do, (choking on coffee while laughing). I mean, Florida is suppose to be warm, right! And here I sit in mounds of snow with below zero wind chill factors. I loved your morning photo. That stance is hilariuos. No bra, huh, they do add warmth dear. LOL..Bake away...and Send those cookies my way. Be sure to make some doggy cookies for Chance.
Stay warm... ( Poor :( banana tree!)