Saturday, August 8, 2009

easy come...easy go...

♥heart♥ week had a crazy sad ending...these are always a mystery to me...i need my friends to send good energy my way...bless you in advance...

"We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world." Helen Keller

i guess i am learning another life be brave and patient...within 6 minutes yesterday afternoon, the intern position i was so looking forward to and had worked very diligently for three days, went minute i was skyping with my boss about what i had been working on...the next she was saying there was an emergency...then next thing is that my job description had vanished... this is the exact conversation with times:

[8/7/09 1:18:24 PM] Boss: S----e and I have some major internal issues we need to sort out
[8/7/09 1:18:30 PM] Boss: within the company - client issues
[8/7/09 1:18:50 PM] Boss: i apologize
[8/7/09 1:18:52 PM] Boss: it's unexpected

[8/7/09 1:19:15 PM] Rebecca E. Parsons: okay...sorry

[8/7/09 1:19:25 PM] Boss: sorry?
[8/7/09 1:19:28 PM] Boss: not your fault
[8/7/09 1:19:31 PM] Boss: I apologize
[8/7/09 1:19:49 PM] Boss: it seems C---a wants on full time and we need to speak to her

[8/7/09 1:20:23 PM] Rebecca E. Parsons: okay...i understand...will hold you in good energy

[8/7/09 1:24:38 PM] Boss: thanks Rebecca
[8/7/09 1:24:43 PM] Boss: sorry - don't mean to be flakey
[8/7/09 1:24:58 PM] Boss: but if she wants full time - then we essentially lose your entire job descrip

[8/7/09 1:25:01 PM] Boss: so I need to speak to her
[8/7/09 1:25:12 PM] Boss: i was under the impressiont hat she was having family issues
[8/7/09 1:25:21 PM] Boss: i apologize i will speak to her and see what the deal is

[8/7/09 1:25:22 PM] Rebecca E. Parsons: wow...that hurts

[8/7/09 1:25:41 PM] Boss: i am sorry?
[8/7/09 1:25:58 PM] Boss: i didn't understand? do u mean for C---a or for you?

[8/7/09 1:26:17 PM] Rebecca E. Parsons: for me... :(

at 8:15 PM i received this e-mail from the Boss:
I am so sorry about C---a. She will be on full time – and really needs the money for her husband’s treatment. I am afraid that she will pretty much be doing everything we had set aside for you! It won’t be a “real” intern experience this way. I am just as disappointed – but I don’t want this to be a dead end for you. I am so sorry. I was pretty excited to work with you. We would still love to refer out folks for web copy to you – and utilize your graphic design experience as the need comes.
so the intern position that started with such high hopes on wednesday, officially ended friday...was i wacky to be excited about an opportunity i found over facebook? with people and a company i knew little or nothing about? is the the way business will be conducted in the future? without regard to someone's feelings...with no respect? is it easier to do this to someone because the relationship is virtual? just a see ya???


i am almost speechless....still in shock..and my heart is broken open...

those of you who have been following me this past 18 months know exactly how much that income meant to meant food and electrical power...although i still believe that everything happens as it should and that i live in the midst of infinite is a little more difficult today...

so i am learning another life be brave and the face of heartbreak and hunger...please pray for me...


Annie Jeffries said...

I am so so sorry to read this Rebecca. I was ready to read about a death and then did, but so different from what I was expecting.

I don't think you are wrong to put you confidence in a FB job lead. Getting jobs these days is so different from 25 or more years ago. But yes, I think it probably is easier to give the bad news virtually. Much less messy and easier to convey a drama of some sort when changes everything.

We've been watching our son job search for 18 months and his father and I are both appalled at how callous the application experience, not to mention hiring experience is now.

Diana Meade said...

Hi Rebecca,
I am sorry to read of your experience. Feeling hopeful, then feeling crappy isn't any fun. However from what I read on your blog you have the power to walk through this set-back as well and move on.

Sometimes it helps me to paint my way out of it, when I feel yucky, then I may not have what I wanted, but at least I have the experience of doing something I love.

I am sending positive energy your way. Diana

Employment Australia said...

I’m so sorry! Rest assured you will find a better job. My prayers are with you.