Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am Inspired

Muse Inspiritu brings new ideas to the table. After posting yesterday, I started blog surfing in an effort to avoid making art or to gain inspiration, as the case may be. I stumbled headfirst into a link to Keri Smith's How to feel miserable as an artist. It really hit home for me - a major wake up call. These are things I have been teaching and preaching about to artists who come to me for guidance and coaching. I made a rudimentary mistake - I failed to listen to my own advice!! DUH!!!

The ever amazing Gary Lord is quoting me in his new mural book. The quote, from my book Do What You Love-Love What You Do reads, "If you undervalue yourself, the world will undervalue you!" This is exactly what I have been doing to myself. I have handed out lots of advice over the years, but failed to take it myself. Doctor Heal Thyself!!!

The only way I can be successful is to make my art, my way. Stay focused on the skills and the talents I have, admire others work, but stay true to myself.

Today's aMUSEment - Click on How to feel miserable as an artist and print this list and post it in your studio!!! Read it often. No more whining!!!
U Be Creative Today!

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Darla said...

Here's a quote I came across recently that speaks about something related to your post.

"If you really do put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price."

A good reminder for all kinds of situations I think